Yours truthfully….

People are stupid!

That’s a fact that we can’t ignore. And many of them are greedy, vicious, destructive and believe in violence (not just physical). Many more are air-headed and they will believe practically anything they are told (Heard of “herd mentality”?). Give them one signal and all of them will come on the streets (or Twitter) to shout and whine… WITHOUT EVEN KNOWING THE WHOLE THING: “Really, who has time to verify facts? There is noise to make!”

And now among all of this mass confusion of the people, by the people, for the people… there’s a handful who get stuck and are given no chance to disagree. In the era of deception, with nearly everyone (disgustingly) lowering their standards to make more and more money, somebody needs to wake up and talk it out and that’s why we are in this conversation. The truth may be uncomfortable and there’s a possibility we not always want to agree, but it’s still better than living in “perfect world” delusion where “I am always right”. So that’s exactly what this blog is about – reality check on what we know and what we feel.

Welcome to The Bitter Fruit!

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