Bitter #Beauty Standards

“If it is pretty, it must be good. If it is ugly, it must be bad.”
That, sadly, is something we are taught ever since we are kids. It’s in our very upbringings and social environments that condition us to favour and dismiss purely on what we PERCEIVE and not on their individual realities.

We tend to believe that the fair skin is better, being fat isn’t the best thing, flawless skin is more desirable, being tall is great.

Appealing traits these are… but we fail to realize that not all of us have all of these. And that it’s PERFECTLY ALRIGHT to be not fair, or have freckles or be short or chubby. And there is no need to feel bad about it. We failed and the commercial industry noticed. They decided to use this insecurity of ours to their advantage.


If you’ve heard of “Make Up”, ” Lighting” and “Photoshop”, these are extensively used to project to you a completely impossible standard of beauty you could compare yourself to. And since you obviously aren’t anything like it, you’d be pushed to buy their products or services in hopes you’d get a bit more closer to that.

Then again, that is the very foundation of Marketing and Advertising. They make you realize you lack something and they have what you need. While a foolproof strategy, they don’t realize how badly they are affecting our minds and lives and our sense of worth. We tend to spend money on things that we don’t really need that might even be harming us under the pretext of doing us good.

We have become an increasingly insecure consumerist society. But who is to be blamed?

We are at a point where something needs to change. We need to learn that outer beauty is not everything, and there is so much more to people and things than how they appear. Outer beauty is not only overrated, but it also overshadows whatever lies underneath. You never know you’d something even more beautiful or something really ugly once you see the insides.
Senses can deceive you. And that’s one truth even the Fairy Tales don’t refrain from telling you. Gives us something to think about!